324   Beardy

Poor Andy.  That is one magnificent beard though.

Hey friends! No website relaunch yet, as I have to wrangle my web guru, but still working on lots of bits. You can check out the Facebook Group for more up to date info on all the happenings.  I’ve finally gotten around to scanning and formatting my last 24 hr comic, Circle Square Triangle, into mini-comic format.  It’s looking good and I’ll be happy to add it to our new product line up.  Speaking of, I’ve also got some snappy fridge magnets!  Three sets so far, featuring characters from The Little World.  I’ve also got a rule set for a Role Playing Game in the works, currently being edited.  So look out for that and all of our new products when we relaunch this year.

I was privileged  to work on a music video two months ago for Chris Kirby’s new single: Wonderizer.  The video features paper puppets of little world characters and was an absolute blast to put together.  It really makes me want to do more work like this with these little guys.   Check the video out.  Chris has got some pipes on him!

That’s it for now.  Keep an eye to the facebook page for updates on the relaunch.



wow. that is a helluva long time in-between posts. helluva long time. how is everything? good i hope. things are good here, you know. keepin’ on keepin’ on. can’t complain. oh right, comics. what’s all the news, hey? far too much to catch up on. Sci Fi on the Rock came and went. That was a great time. Probably my favourite con so far. Really looking forward to next year. Artfusion went off without a hitch. Met some lovely folks in a new location. The graphic novel : The Little World Book 1 is now in print. Very exciting. I’ve even got a novel published! And a few plays produced! So yes, it’s been a busy time. Now, why am i not providing links to all this great news? Well, i’m hoping to do a major overhaul of the website really soon and don’t want to get too bogged down in temporary changes until that happens (i.e. i’m lazy). But once it does, look out! I’m working on a major re-branding which will essentially make The Little World part of a larger collection of work: Little Grey Dog Comics and Games! yup. how’s that sound? hope you like it. The first comic under the new brand will be an anthology mini, collecting Octopus PI, Meanwhile, The Little World and Little Knowne Vegetables. i’m pretty excited about the whole thing. keep an eye here and on the little world facebook page for more details.

well it’s been three years since the first little world posting on this website and about 9 year since i started drawing these little fellas.  i want to give a huge thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years on this comic.  As a little thank you I’ve put together a short ‘behind the scenes’ video that includes a sped up section of me drawing comic 317.  I want to do more videos and if you like it, please subscribe to my youtube channel to stay up to date.

I’m also posting some preview pics of my 24 hr comic over on the facebook fan page.  So head on over there if you want to check those out.  The comic itself will be available in mini-comic for in April, as well as Issue 4 of The Little World main series.

I hope you enjoy the video and the previews and that you keep checking back for new comics in the new year.



well the leaves have changed and are falling and the temps are going down.  i realized it’s been over a month since my last comic posting.  for shame!  well, in my own defense i started a job this fall.  man’s gotta eat.  unfortunately that’s cut down on my drawing time (not to mention acting, writing and  music time).  i have managed to fit in a few gigs here and there.  A wonderful radio show called Three Tales of Terror by Phillip Goodridge last month was a treat.  As well as a few performances as a 18th century fife playing british soldier with the Dept of Tourism.  love wearing a kilt!

when last we spoke i was gearing up for Artfusion with the Arts Assoc of Mount Pearl.  It was a splendid time and I even did an on the spot commission on a fellow artist’s jacket.  that was a lot of fun to work on.   the Penninsula Fantasy Con has come and gone and apparently it had a great turn out.  i really hope to get out there next year.   i was supposed to do a workshop on sept 15 for AAMP, but unfortunately we had to cancel.  hopefully it will be rescheduled soon.

two days ago i had the privilege of giving a cartooning workshop at The Arts Work Conference V, a teacher’s conference held here in St. John’s.  I did a 2 1/2 hour workshop with 20 teachers and i really enjoyed it.  there was lots of positive feedback and i do hope to be invited back next time.

the 24 hour comic challenge has also come and gone and i put together a comic for it.  i did the challenge two years ago as well and you can check out that comic here on the site.  the new comic “Circle, Square, Triangle”  turned out so well that I’m going to offer it as a mini comic, so keep an eye out for that here on the site or on the facebook page.

christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat and i’m putting together a bunch of new painted pieces.  these will be offered through the facebook page and would make a great and unique gift this season!

while you’re on facebook, why not check out  Blast Processing?  it’s a video game podcast that i co-host with two local lads.  we just sit around and talk gaming news and it’s a bit of a laugh.  nothing too formal, just a good time talkin’ games.  if we get to 100 likes on the page we’ll be doing a giveaway.  and everybody likes free stuff so you should check it out.

well, that’s it for now.  i hope to get back on the wagon soon, so keep your ears to the site and to the facebook page.


Hey folks!

Well I’m back from my adventure in Grand Bank and hopping back on the cartoon horse.  I’ve got a bunch of things coming up in the next little while and I hope to see you at one of them:

-First of all a shout out to the Penninsula Fantasy Con.  I was supposed to appear there Sept 17 but had to cancel due to other commitments.  If you’re in the Marystown area definitely stop by.  It is the first year for this group and they could us lots of support.  I’ve sent some signed Little World merch out their way so keep an eye out for it.

- Artfusion is happening in Mount Pearl this year on Sept 10.  I’ll be in attendance selling comics and art and would love to see you there.  I’m also performing that day and will have some copies of my last CD on hand.  And yup, that’s a pic of me and my red guitar on the website!

-I’ll be giving a cartooning workshop on Set 15 as part of the Artfusion festival.  I’ll update this post with a link to the event page as soon as it goes up.

-I’m also giving a cartooning workshop at the 2011 Arts Works Conference in Nov.  This is a teacher conference, so it’s not open to the public.  Still very exciting and I’m really looking forward to it.

-Breakdown Comic Jam is coming up this Friday.  It’s my first one since I left for the summer and I can’t wait!  If you like to draw and are in the area come on down!

that’s it for now!