heya folks.  well, i took a few days off from the comic to rest up and recover after 24HR Comics Day.  The day was a success, although the comic ended up at 22 pages (with 23 and 24 being the front and back covers…).   I decided to do something complete different and completely off-the-cuff.  It was a great experiment and very refreshing to work on.  “The Staff of Ra”, with all it’s little flaws, spelling and continuity errors, will be posted in full on the site over the next few weeks.

The Scope, an awesome local arts paper/website, did a great little write up on my involvement in the challenge.  You can check it out here:  the scope They’ve also posted the second page of the comic if you want a little preview. Many thanks go out to everyone who supported me.  there were times in the night, especially about 6-7am when i really just wanted to toss in the facecloth, but the motivating words i got from fellow cartoonists, friends and family really helped pull me through.  thanks!!


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