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What About the Box?

heya folks.  well, i took a few days off from the comic to rest up and recover after 24HR Comics Day.  The day was a success, although the comic ended up at 22 pages (with 23 and 24 being the front and back covers…).   I decided to do something complete different and completely off-the-cuff.  It [...]

120 Meep Indeed

well tomorrow is 24 hour comics day.  i only actually found out about this event this past week.  and i must say i like it.  24 hours.  24 pages.  1 page an hour.  that’s the deal.  i’ve been giving it a lot of thought (probably more than you’re supposed to) and am caught between doing [...]

well today’s comic (that’s 118 if you’re in the future) was a little experiment in style.  instead of drawing it out and colouring it in photoshop, i opted to do the whole strip in ink and watercolour and then add my balloons and text in PS.  i think it turned out pretty good for a [...]