things have been a little spotty here in the little world since i got my new job. But I’m going to keep slugging away at the strip as often as i can.  I’ve been doing lots of work on the  TCG and it’s something I’m really excited about.

Contest No. 2

We’re holding a scavenger hunt. Of sorts. It’s more like a question and answer hunt. With awesome prizes. Track down the answers to these 10 questions and send them to,, or facebook message me. The first three people to send in the correct answers will get a prize. here are the prizes.

1st prize:
-The Little World Issue 1
-A piece of original art
-A selection of little world greeting cards
-A Bookmark

2nd prize
-The Little World Issue 1
-A Bookmark
-A little world greeting card

3rd prize
-a little world greeting card
-some bookmarks

Here are the questions. You’ve have to do some digging on the site to find the answers (especially since I haven’t tagged all the strips…)

1)What does Andy like to conjure?
2)What kind of pie is The Pie Wonder?
3)Aside from his superpowers, what other skill does Supercape possess?
4)How does The Skinny Man feel about the sea?
5)Does The Minimalist have a body?
6)What did Andy ask for when he gave up his claim on Andyland?
7)Is there TV in The Little World?
8)What are wizards, according to Andy?
9) Has it ever rained in The Little World?
10)Who is Big Jon’s brother?

As soon as I have my three winners I’ll announce it here on the site. Good luck!

Greeting Cards

I’ve now got greeting cards for the holiday season available for a limited time in the shop section of the site. These are hand painted/drawn and are a great deal if you’re looking for something a little strange and unusual for your Christmas cards this year. They are 1 for $3. 3 for $7 and 5 for $12.

that’s all for now folks! take care and happy holidays!


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