well folks this week the website turned one year old.  holy cow.  i never really thought it would make it this far.  it’s certainly been a bumpy ride, between server fees, the site going down and  three redesigns.  the strip went from black and white to colour to black and white to colour again and then finally a new colour scheme.  i think i’m finding my stride with it now and am really happy where it’s sitting.  i’m really looking forward to 2010.  in april i’ll be a special guest at sci-fi on the rock 4 in st. john’s and am busy preparing some new merch for the con.  i’m also hoping to have both the second and third minis ready by april, plus a minimalist one-shot and a short collection of strips.  busy busy busy.

i just wanted to say thanks to everyone who have come to the site over the past year.  it’s so easy to feel like i’m in a bubble working on these strips so every little bit of encouragement has been more than appreciated.  i hope to be doing this comic for a long time to come!



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