Heya folks. Well February was a little spotty in the little world. I was working on two other projects that really took a lot of time. The first was an album for RPM 2010. if you like you can check that out here :http://kevinwoolridge.rpmchallenge.com/
the second project was a board game. yup i’m pretty geeky. i’ve posted a pic of that project here:

but now we’re into march and i’m back on the cartooning horse. the next strip will be my 200th and I’m holding a give away. the first five people who comment on the strip on the site will get a prize. i’ll contact the winners via email to arrange mailing details. how easy is that?

next month (April 17-18th) is Sci Fi on the Rock IV here in St. John’s. I’m a guest of the convention and will be giving a talk/workshop on cartooning. I’ll also have a table set up for the weekend, doing sketches and selling little world merch. i’m expecting to have three minis for sale there as well as some t-shirts, bookmarks, buttons etc. it’s going to be a great weekend so come on down!

details on the convention can be found here:

lastly, i’ve started archiving all my political comics for the Current online. The comic is called The Opposition and you can find them in their temporary home here:


well that’s a lot of links and a lot of news. thanks to everyone who’s supported me over the last 200. i hope to be drawing these for a long time to come!


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  1. ana

    Your strip always makes me smile Kevin. Here’s to 200 more! :D

    • Administrator

      thanks ana! i certainly hope for 200 more. :)