well it’s been a crazy time.  especially if you look at that little calendar to the right.  it’s been two months of very spotty posting.  but Sci Fi On the Rock went really great so it was totally worth it.  i met lots of great people and my presentation went pretty good I think.   A big thank you to the organizers for a great con, especially Darren and Steve for inviting me.  I also want to thank Jennifer for all her help, from folding, cutting, photocopying and helping at the table during the weekend.  I also want to thank Ali and Chris as well.  I really couldn’t have gotten everything together without all the help.   Here’s a pic of Jen at the Little World booth on  the first day:


we did much better than expected at the con and still have merch left over.  i’ll be giving the webstore an overhaul over the next week or so so those of you who couldn’t make it will still have a chance to purchase some of the goods.  i should also be getting back to an ordinary update schedule now.  I had plenty of time to draw at the con and have a ton of new strips all ready to go.

thanks to everyone who stopped by and made the weekend fantastic!


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