well hello there folks, i’m writing to you from the lovely town of grand bank on the burin peninsula! i’ll be out here all summer long working for the grand bank regional theatre festival.  hence the lack of updates the past two weeks.  i expect my updates to be pretty sporadic until work starts to calm down a bit, but i did want you to know that i’m still here and i’m still drawing.  i’m hoping very much to get the third issue of the little world mini comic series done over the summer and be ready for sale in the fall.  so definitely keep an eye out for that.

also you may have noticed a new menu item at the top of the page.  it’s a comic i had put together an entry for a local comic competition called Meanwhile.  since it didn’t make the cut i’m now offering the strip on the site.  i’d love to do a mini comic version so let me know what you think.



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