arts and craftshey guys!  well we’re nearing the end of november and christmas will soon be upon us.  i love christmas, especially giving presents.  i picked up some early this year and can’t wait to start wrapping.  speaking of presents, i’ll be selling Little World comics and art at an Art and Craft Sale on Dec 5, down at The Grapevine on Water Street here in St. John’s from 6-10pm.  Nine great local artisans from a variety of mediums will be on hand selling their wares.  I also hear that it’s a bar and they sell booze.  that’s right.  you could drink while you buy art. sounds pretty awesome if you ask me.  i’ll have copies of all my mini comics to date on hand as well as an assortment of little world art pieces for sale.  a bunch of these are branded new and were done with this sale in mind.  so come on down!

other news and sundry:

it seems every time i turn my head i end up working on a new project.  a lot of them are not comic related but i thought maybe you guys would be interested to know what i’ve been up to.    the major project is a novel called the man with the hole in his head. i’m trying to finish up the third draft right now and i’m really excited about it.  it’s a supernatural detective story and i hope to have some more news on it in the coming year.

last feb i recorded an album for the RPM challenge and i’ve recently uploaded that album, not even the stars, and my 2003 album, tin men, to my myspace.  check it out if you like and i’d appreciate any comments you might have.    in game boarding news this past summer i finished the basic prototype for turritus, a dash and grab game featuring an alchemist, astrologer, medium and magician.  i’m currently working the ruleset for a steampunk tabletop war game called resist.  that one is going really well and i’m very happy with how it’s turning out.

that’s it for right now!  hope to see some of you down at the art sale on the 5th!


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