i’m getting almost as bad as vg cats with my sporadic comic posting.   eek.

grapevine tablethe art show at the grapevine was a big success and a really great time.  met a lot of fabulous folks and artists and would love to do it again.  the atmosphere was great and everyone seemed really relaxed and just having a good time. big thanks to susan morrissey wyse for setting it all up.  also thanks to jordan young for snapping this pic of me at my table.

i’m currently working on a new mini comic!  nope, it’s not issue 3, but a comic called Words and Pictures. it’s kind of like Happiness is a Warm Puppy except done Little World style.  it’s all written and sketched out and i’m just in the formatting/scanning stage.  i’ll have a preview up in the new year.  promise.

something you guys might not know but i do an editorial/political cartoon for Current Magazine called The Opposition.  i found out recently that one of the party leaders here in the province really liked my cartoon from the nov 26th issue.  it was awesome to hear and really motivating.  doing The Opposition has been a great opportunity to branch out from the little world style and every strip presents a new challenge.  big thanks to editor joshua jamieson for letting me continue to draw it.

in non-comic news i’m playing dr.horrible in a local production in march! i’m pretty pumped. more news on that in the new year.

oh yeah it’s almost christmas!   happy christmas/holidays everybody!


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