Just a little update to catch you guys up.  I found out this week that Current is no longer printing The Little World or The Opposition.  Since these were the only comics in the paper, it is now a paper without comics.  Sad times. Strip 77 was the last to be ran and I did about 21 Opposition cartoons for them as well.  At some point I’m going to post all the Opposition comics on the site.  Being in print was an amazing opportunity and I loved seeing my work there over the past few years.  Big thanks to Ally and Josh for their support at Current.  I wish I had made it to one of the Christmas parties..

Last night I attended my first Comic Artist’s Breakdown Jam in months.  It was a small turnout, but a lot of fun and I managed to catch up a fair bit on the Krull tribute.  There’s nothing like being around people who are into the same thing you are into to get you motivated.  Great group and I hope I can make next month’s session.

I missed Hourly Comic Day this year.  I must remedy this by doing some hourlies on a random day.


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