Hey folks!  Well it’s been a while since I’ve had a new comic online.  I’ve been away doing summer stock theatre and am without my scanner of doom but I’m hope to get it in within a month and can get back to the webcomic.  In the meantime I’ve been taking photos with my phone of my sketchbook and uploading lots of previews to The Little World Facebook Page.  So if you’re a facebooker it’s a great place to get lots of sneak peaks at The Little World, as well as other drawing projects I’m working on (including Octopus P.I.).  I also have an album full of comic art for sale and if you’re interested in any of those pieces you can contact me directly on the page or through this website.   There are also a couple of preview pages of The Little World vol 1: Invasion of the Beanies.   I’m very excited about that project and hope to have it wrapped up in the fall.

that’s it for now!


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