wow. that is a helluva long time in-between posts. helluva long time. how is everything? good i hope. things are good here, you know. keepin’ on keepin’ on. can’t complain. oh right, comics. what’s all the news, hey? far too much to catch up on. Sci Fi on the Rock came and went. That was a great time. Probably my favourite con so far. Really looking forward to next year. Artfusion went off without a hitch. Met some lovely folks in a new location. The graphic novel : The Little World Book 1 is now in print. Very exciting. I’ve even got a novel published! And a few plays produced! So yes, it’s been a busy time. Now, why am i not providing links to all this great news? Well, i’m hoping to do a major overhaul of the website really soon and don’t want to get too bogged down in temporary changes until that happens (i.e. i’m lazy). But once it does, look out! I’m working on a major re-branding which will essentially make The Little World part of a larger collection of work: Little Grey Dog Comics and Games! yup. how’s that sound? hope you like it. The first comic under the new brand will be an anthology mini, collecting Octopus PI, Meanwhile, The Little World and Little Knowne Vegetables. i’m pretty excited about the whole thing. keep an eye here and on the little world facebook page for more details.

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