Hey friends! No website relaunch yet, as I have to wrangle my web guru, but still working on lots of bits. You can check out the Facebook Group for more up to date info on all the happenings.  I’ve finally gotten around to scanning and formatting my last 24 hr comic, Circle Square Triangle, into mini-comic format.  It’s looking good and I’ll be happy to add it to our new product line up.  Speaking of, I’ve also got some snappy fridge magnets!  Three sets so far, featuring characters from The Little World.  I’ve also got a rule set for a Role Playing Game in the works, currently being edited.  So look out for that and all of our new products when we relaunch this year.

I was privileged  to work on a music video two months ago for Chris Kirby’s new single: Wonderizer.  The video features paper puppets of little world characters and was an absolute blast to put together.  It really makes me want to do more work like this with these little guys.   Check the video out.  Chris has got some pipes on him!

That’s it for now.  Keep an eye to the facebook page for updates on the relaunch.



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