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wow. that is a helluva long time in-between posts. helluva long time. how is everything? good i hope. things are good here, you know. keepin’ on keepin’ on. can’t complain. oh right, comics. what’s all the news, hey? far too much to catch up on. [...]

Just a little update to catch you guys up.  I found out this week that Current is no longer printing The Little World or The Opposition.  Since these were the only comics in the paper, it is now a paper without comics.  Sad times. Strip 77 was the last to be ran and I did [...]

well today is the 2 year anniversary of the website . wow.  normally for this kind of thing i’d do a little giveaway or contest, but i’ve spent most of 2011 sick and didn’t have anything prepared.  i did manage to haul myself over to the drawing table today to give you guys a new [...]

hey guys!  well we’re nearing the end of november and christmas will soon be upon us.  i love christmas, especially giving presents.  i picked up some early this year and can’t wait to start wrapping.  speaking of presents, i’ll be selling Little World comics and art at an Art and Craft Sale on Dec 5, [...]

Heya folks. Well February was a little spotty in the little world. I was working on two other projects that really took a lot of time. The first was an album for RPM 2010. if you like you can check that out here :
the second project was a board game. yup i’m pretty geeky. i’ve [...]

well Hourly Comic Day was two days ago.  It was a blast and I’ve uploaded my hourly comics under the gallery section of the page.  or if you don’t want to look up at the menu you could always click here.  It’s something I’ll definitely be doing  again.
Friday is the first local Comic Artists Breakdown.  I’m really [...]

well folks this week the website turned one year old.  holy cow.  i never really thought it would make it this far.  it’s certainly been a bumpy ride, between server fees, the site going down and  three redesigns.  the strip went from black and white to colour to black and white to colour again and [...]

things have been a little spotty here in the little world since i got my new job. But I’m going to keep slugging away at the strip as often as i can.  I’ve been doing lots of work on the  TCG and it’s something I’m really excited about.
Contest No. 2
We’re holding a scavenger hunt. [...]

heya folks.  well, i took a few days off from the comic to rest up and recover after 24HR Comics Day.  The day was a success, although the comic ended up at 22 pages (with 23 and 24 being the front and back covers…).   I decided to do something complete different and completely off-the-cuff.  It [...]

well today’s comic (that’s 118 if you’re in the future) was a little experiment in style.  instead of drawing it out and colouring it in photoshop, i opted to do the whole strip in ink and watercolour and then add my balloons and text in PS.  i think it turned out pretty good for a [...]