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Hey friends! No website relaunch yet, as I have to wrangle my web guru, but still working on lots of bits. You can check out the Facebook Group for more up to date info on all the happenings.  I’ve finally gotten around to scanning and formatting my last 24 hr comic, Circle [...]

well it’s been three years since the first little world posting on this website and about 9 year since i started drawing these little fellas.  i want to give a huge thanks to everyone who has supported me over the years on this comic.  As a little thank you I’ve put together a short ‘behind [...]

well the leaves have changed and are falling and the temps are going down.  i realized it’s been over a month since my last comic posting.  for shame!  well, in my own defense i started a job this fall.  man’s gotta eat.  unfortunately that’s cut down on my drawing time (not to mention acting, writing [...]

Hey folks!
Well I’m back from my adventure in Grand Bank and hopping back on the cartoon horse.  I’ve got a bunch of things coming up in the next little while and I hope to see you at one of them:
-First of all a shout out to the Penninsula Fantasy Con.  I was supposed to appear [...]

Hey folks!  Well it’s been a while since I’ve had a new comic online.  I’ve been away doing summer stock theatre and am without my scanner of doom but I’m hope to get it in within a month and can get back to the webcomic.  In the meantime I’ve been taking photos with my phone [...]

Hey folks!  well the weather is changing and things have been a bit busy.  Here’s the latest:
-  Cartooning Workshop:  I’m giving a Cartooning workshop on the 21st of May!   It’s being hosted by the Arts Assoc. of Mount Pearl and I hope will be lots of fun.  The ’shop is an hour and a [...]

Yes you read that post heading correctly.  Contest winnerS!  As in plural.  More than one.  Since there were only two entries they both win!!  (now don’t you feel silly for not entering?)  Congrats to Danny and Jenn.  You’ll both be getting an email shortly to sort out shipping details for your little world art pieces. [...]

Well Sci Fi on the Rock has come and gone for another year and it was a blast.  Saw some old friends and met some new ones and talked about comics with lots of folks.  i must give a shout out to the awesome folks from Ink’d Well Comics and Darkwater Publishing for being such [...]

A while back I was a guest at a friend’s son’s birthday party.  I helped the kids make up superheros and helped them put together their own comics.  Here is a picture of the birthday cake featuring none other than The Minimalist!  Thanks to Christine for the photo!

So i thought it would be a great [...]

hey folks!  Well Sci Fi on the Rock is drawing close and I’ve another show opening this weekend (hence the lack of updates this month!).   Here’s a little video preview of what I’ll have this year at the convention.  I’ll also have bookmarks again and possibly some old school iron on transfer tees if [...]