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well feb ended up being one of the busiest months for me this year.  the big thing was playing dr. horrible in dr. horrible’s sing-a-long blog.  the show went great and we sold out the run.  there is talk of  a remount in late sept so i’ll let you all know.
the other big thing was [...]

i’m getting almost as bad as vg cats with my sporadic comic posting.   eek.
the art show at the grapevine was a big success and a really great time.  met a lot of fabulous folks and artists and would love to do it again.  the atmosphere was great and everyone seemed really relaxed and just [...]

i love the fall. it’s my kind of weather.  i’ve been back home from the burin now for a month and a bit and have been pretty busy with a show at the lspu hall called easy down easy.
come on out if you’re in town.
I also did an interview recently with scifi on the rock [...]

well hello there folks, i’m writing to you from the lovely town of grand bank on the burin peninsula! i’ll be out here all summer long working for the grand bank regional theatre festival.  hence the lack of updates the past two weeks.  i expect my updates to be pretty sporadic until work starts to [...]

well it’s been a crazy time.  especially if you look at that little calendar to the right.  it’s been two months of very spotty posting.  but Sci Fi On the Rock went really great so it was totally worth it.  i met lots of great people and my presentation went pretty good I think.   [...]

Hey folks!  So this weekend I’ll be at Sci Fi on the Rock IV.  I’ll be set up in the dealers room on both days and I’ve got lots of new little world merchandise:
-The Little World Issue 1 (reformatted)
-The Little World Issue 2
-The Minimalist Takes a Walk
- Little World Collected Strips vol.1
-The Little World Tee [...]

Congratulations to our two contest winners. You’ll both be contacted shortly and sent your prizes.
First place:  Sarah Power.  Second place:  Tracy Lippert
Since they were the only two entrants third place has not been awarded.
In other news
I’m now doing editorial cartoons for Current.  The cartoon is called The Opposition, and is a nice little change [...]

well tomorrow is 24 hour comics day.  i only actually found out about this event this past week.  and i must say i like it.  24 hours.  24 pages.  1 page an hour.  that’s the deal.  i’ve been giving it a lot of thought (probably more than you’re supposed to) and am caught between doing [...]

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