Hey folks!  Well it’s been a while since I’ve had a new comic online.  I’ve been away doing summer stock theatre and am without my scanner of doom but I’m hope to get it in within a month and can get back to the webcomic.  In the meantime I’ve been taking photos with my phone of my sketchbook and uploading lots of previews to The Little World Facebook Page.  So if you’re a facebooker it’s a great place to get lots of sneak peaks at The Little World, as well as other drawing projects I’m working on (including Octopus P.I.).  I also have an album full of comic art for sale and if you’re interested in any of those pieces you can contact me directly on the page or through this website.   There are also a couple of preview pages of The Little World vol 1: Invasion of the Beanies.   I’m very excited about that project and hope to have it wrapped up in the fall.

that’s it for now!


Hey folks!  well the weather is changing and things have been a bit busy.  Here’s the latest:

-  Cartooning Workshop:  I’m giving a Cartooning workshop on the 21st of May!   It’s being hosted by the Arts Assoc. of Mount Pearl and I hope will be lots of fun.  The ’shop is an hour and a half long and I’ll be covering a lot of the basics, with some focus on self publishing.  It’s open to anyone from 10 and up.  I’ll be in the Sir James Pearl Room, Mount Pearl City Hall.  The ’shop  starts at 1:30.  It’s free, but you need to register by sending an email to the Arts Assoc.  at info@aamp.ca.     There’s also a Facebook event page:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=210510432314092 Hope to see you there!

-Local Press: I was delighted to be interviewed by Shannon Duff recently for our local monthly paper The Irish Loop Post.  I was even more delighted to find it was the headline story!  Wowsers.  Big thanks to Shannon and the Post for the coverage!

Irish Loop Post

-Facebook Fan Page:   Facebook has recently been making changes to their group pages and I decided this would be a great time to switch over to a Fan page.  I like the fan format much better and have been doing much more with it.  All you have to do is hit ‘like’ on the page to receive Little World updates in your news feed.  I’ve already uploaded the first two pages of Octopus P.I. as a preview , as well as a number of art pieces that I have for sale.  I’m also planning on uploaded a few preview pages of the ‘manga’ edition of  The Little World 1-3, which I’m calling The Beanie Invasion.  So the fan page is well worth looking into for additional news!    Here’s the link:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Little-World/185368998180887

that’s all for now!


Yes you read that post heading correctly.  Contest winnerS!  As in plural.  More than one.  Since there were only two entries they both win!!  (now don’t you feel silly for not entering?)  Congrats to Danny and Jenn.  You’ll both be getting an email shortly to sort out shipping details for your little world art pieces.  yipee!!

in other news, work is continuing on my graphic novel version of the little world 1-3.  Really having a lot of fun coloring in gray scale and updating all that old art. i’m hoping very much  to have it out by the end of the summer.



Well Sci Fi on the Rock has come and gone for another year and it was a blast.  Saw some old friends and met some new ones and talked about comics with lots of folks.  i must give a shout out to the awesome folks from Ink’d Well Comics and Darkwater Publishing for being such fantastic table neighbors.  this year the con had a section specifically for authors, so the aforementioned folks as well as the wonderful Engen Books and myself shared a hallway.  it was a great location since anyone going to the dealer’s room had to pass right by our tables.  A big thanks to Darren, Steve and all the organizers in making it another successful con.

My workshop on cartooning went well and I’m feeling very motivated to keep at it.  i’ve already started work on the fourth mini in the main series and it’s looking pretty good.   I had 8 mini comics and a ton of art at the con this year.  check out the table!

sci fi on the rock v

I’ve got plenty of stock left over and will soon put some images online of what i have left for sale.   i have to give a major thanks to jenn and chris for all their help in getting the comics together.  it was a big job this year and there is no way i could have done it without you both.  thanks so much!   also a big thanks to my dad for those early morning drives all the way to the holiday inn!

so what’s next?? well, hopefully i’ll be running a cartoon workshop sometime in may.  i’ll keep you posted on that.  i’m also looking at putting together a softcover manga sized book this summer.  it’ll be an 80 page little world extravaganza!  i’m toying with the idea of representing the story arc from the first three minis, with updated art and additional material.  i’m really excited about the possibility of having my work properly bound in a nice edition and i’ll keep you up to date on how that progresses.


I promised when i hit 300 strips that I would hold a little contest.  well here it is!  and it’s really simple.  all you have to do is leave a comment below saying which strip is your favorite and why.  i’ll be drawing a random name from the comments and the winner gets a piece of little world art!  i’ll contact the winner by email to arrange details.  how easy is that!



A while back I was a guest at a friend’s son’s birthday party.  I helped the kids make up superheros and helped them put together their own comics.  Here is a picture of the birthday cake featuring none other than The Minimalist!  Thanks to Christine for the photo!

minimalist cake

So i thought it would be a great time to give you a little background on our favorite pair of floating eyeballs.  First, and most importantly, the idea for The Minimalist was initially conceived by my better half, Jennifer Furlong.  I don’t remember exactly how the conversation happened but it was something along the lines of “you should have a character that’s just a pair of eyeballs.”  I’m not sure which one of us came up with the name, but he was definitely a co-creation.

some other fun facts:

- The Minimalist actually has a body.  It’s just invisible.

-He claims to be a mentalist.  This may or may not be true.

-He has never appeared in the The Little World story proper, just the webcomic and in his own mini comics.

-He has a penchant for heavy metal and hamburgers.

ALSO!  At a Breakdown Comic Jam last week I put together a brand new and shiny Minimalist mini comic!  It’s called “The Minimalist Takes Another Walk”  and will be available at Sci-Fi on the Rock V.   How much will it cost you ask??  Here’s a run down of everything I’ll have at this year’s convention!


The Little World Issue 1  $3

The Little World Issue 2  $3

The Little World Issue 3  $3

The Minimalist Takes a Walk  $2

The Minimalist Takes Another Walk  $2

Fish Sticks! A Little World Sketchbook (with collectors card)  $3

Words and Pictures  $3

Collected Strips Volume 1  $3

Other Stuff:

Bookmarks  (five styles featuring The Terrible Beanie, Andy the Magician, The Pie Wonder, Supercape and The Minimalist)  50 cents

Cartoon Art Pieces  (a variety of hand inked and watercolored pieces featuring Little World characters)   $30

Tees:   (I’ll have an extremely limited number of Beanie T-Shirts available. )  $20

I’ll also have a couple of prototype decks for my Little World TCG.  These aren’t for sale, but I’m happy to talk about the game, show the cards and maybe even play a round or two!  If there is anything you’d like to see at the con (a certain character as an art piece for example)  fire me an email at kevinwoolridge@gmail.com and we’ll work it out.  I’ll be giving a talk on cartooning from 3-4pm on Saturday the 16th in the Larson Room. Hope to see you there!