hey folks!  Well Sci Fi on the Rock is drawing close and I’ve another show opening this weekend (hence the lack of updates this month!).   Here’s a little video preview of what I’ll have this year at the convention.  I’ll also have bookmarks again and possibly some old school iron on transfer tees if i have time.



180000_10150410901440198_814575197_17574266_257606_nwell feb ended up being one of the busiest months for me this year.  the big thing was playing dr. horrible in dr. horrible’s sing-a-long blog.  the show went great and we sold out the run.  there is talk of  a remount in late sept so i’ll let you all know.

the other big thing was the RPM challenge.  this was a challenge to write/record an album in a month.  I did it last year and it was lots of fun so decided to do it again this year.  you can check out the album (as well as last year’s) on reverbnation.

on top of all that i had a short film to score and a little bit of design work to do.  whew.  now that feb is over i’m back on the cartoon wagon, gearing up for SciFi on the Rock V in April.  I’ve got two new mini comics in the works for this:  The Little World issue 3 and Fishsticks! A Little World Sketchbook.    So in addition to Words and Pictures, I’ll have 3 brand new minis for sale at this years con.  We’ve started early on printing (and cutting, folding and stapling…) so there’ll be lots of copies on hand.  I’m also planning a special deal on multiple issues so be sure to stop by the table at the con!



Just a little update to catch you guys up.  I found out this week that Current is no longer printing The Little World or The Opposition.  Since these were the only comics in the paper, it is now a paper without comics.  Sad times. Strip 77 was the last to be ran and I did about 21 Opposition cartoons for them as well.  At some point I’m going to post all the Opposition comics on the site.  Being in print was an amazing opportunity and I loved seeing my work there over the past few years.  Big thanks to Ally and Josh for their support at Current.  I wish I had made it to one of the Christmas parties..

Last night I attended my first Comic Artist’s Breakdown Jam in months.  It was a small turnout, but a lot of fun and I managed to catch up a fair bit on the Krull tribute.  There’s nothing like being around people who are into the same thing you are into to get you motivated.  Great group and I hope I can make next month’s session.

I missed Hourly Comic Day this year.  I must remedy this by doing some hourlies on a random day.


well today is the 2 year anniversary of the website . wow.  normally for this kind of thing i’d do a little giveaway or contest, but i’ve spent most of 2011 sick and didn’t have anything prepared.  i did manage to haul myself over to the drawing table today to give you guys a new post.  hope you like it!   i will, however, have a giveaway for the 300th strip, so keep an eye out for that one.

hope everyone is having a great new year so far.  ok.  i’m going back to bed. *cough*


i’m getting almost as bad as vg cats with my sporadic comic posting.   eek.

grapevine tablethe art show at the grapevine was a big success and a really great time.  met a lot of fabulous folks and artists and would love to do it again.  the atmosphere was great and everyone seemed really relaxed and just having a good time. big thanks to susan morrissey wyse for setting it all up.  also thanks to jordan young for snapping this pic of me at my table.

i’m currently working on a new mini comic!  nope, it’s not issue 3, but a comic called Words and Pictures. it’s kind of like Happiness is a Warm Puppy except done Little World style.  it’s all written and sketched out and i’m just in the formatting/scanning stage.  i’ll have a preview up in the new year.  promise.

something you guys might not know but i do an editorial/political cartoon for Current Magazine called The Opposition.  i found out recently that one of the party leaders here in the province really liked my cartoon from the nov 26th issue.  it was awesome to hear and really motivating.  doing The Opposition has been a great opportunity to branch out from the little world style and every strip presents a new challenge.  big thanks to editor joshua jamieson for letting me continue to draw it.

in non-comic news i’m playing dr.horrible in a local production in march! i’m pretty pumped. more news on that in the new year.

oh yeah it’s almost christmas!   happy christmas/holidays everybody!