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lots of mini comics for sale!  all comics are in black and white with a card stock cover.  the colour of the covers may vary from what you see here.  if you have any problems with your order or questions about the comics please send me an email at

issue 1 cover previewThe Little World Issue 1 (reformatted): The Beanies are coming!  The Beanies are coming!  The Little World finds itself under the threat of invasion and all the folk have to figure out what to do about this most dastardly problem.  Featuring characters from the Little World comic strip this is the story that existed before the strip even existed.  20 pages.  black and white.  3.00 CAD

issue 2 cover preview

The Little World Issue 2: As the series continues things are getting dangerous in the Little World.  Will Andy be able to handle it?  A great issue that provides some much needed background information on this strange world. 20 pages. black and white. 3.00 CAD

minimalist cover previewThe Minimalist Takes a Walk: What happens when the Minimalist goes out for a walk?  Well not a whole lot actually; but it certainly amusing.  Based on the character from the comic strip.  16 pages.  black and white.  2.00 CAD

collected strips cover previewThe Little World Collected Strips Vol. 1 : For all your offline viewing.  This comic collects the first 48 strips from the website including their titles and date of online publication.  24 pages.  black and white.  3.00 CAD

SPECIAL DEAL!: Get all four mini-comics for 10 bucks!  (and remember shipping is still free…)


cover previewWords and Pictures : a brand new mini comic and the last for 2010.  this comic is a picture book for quirky kids and adults written along the same vein as charles schulz “Happiness is a Warm Puppy”  or Baz Luhrmann’s “Always wear Sunscreen.” it’s a little book of words of wisdom and not so wisdom.  24 pages.  black and white.  3.00 CAD
(please note that Words and Pictures is not included in the above mini comic deal.  if you’d like to substitute this comic into that deal, just send me a note with your order indicating what you would like it to replace.)

Keep an eye on this space as I’ll be adding a few other products very shortly!